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Jikiden Reiki stands for Reiki teachings from an original authentic Japanese lineage. This lineage goes from Usui sensei to Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi (who started learning Reiki from him in 1938 when she was 17 years old) to her son Tadao, with whom I took my training in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada last fall. Because Jikiden Reiki was not passed down through Mrs. Takata and her masters it lacks the Westernization of Reiki as it is currently taught in the West. Jikiden Reiki allows you to experience a Japanese form of Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity. All seminars follow exactly the same format so that Jikiden Reiki is always passed on in its original, simple form. Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Okuden seminars give you all you need to know in order to treat yourself and others with Jikiden Reiki .
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Jikiden Reiki first level Shoden

  You will receive 3 Reiju (attunements). You will learn about:
  The history of Reiki - Usui Sensei's life
  The history of Jikiden Reiki - the Yamaguchi family
  The objectives of Jikiden Reiki   Gokai - the five Reiki Principles in Japanese
  The concept of Byosen
  The first Shirushi (symbol)
   Learn and practice Ketsueki Kokan (blood circulation technique)
   Reiki Okuri (a method used to feel the Reiki energy flowing)
  Reiki practice and exchange
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Our Seattle Reiki Seminares are held on weekendss at Bambu Organic Salon & Spa, 3919 Stone Way Ave N, Seattle, WA.98103.  

Jikiden Reiki Shoden $350 class seminar fee, Mimimum 2 students , maxiumu 10 students per class. Shoden is a two-day weekend workshop from 7-9p the 1st evening and on the 2nd day with an hour to hour lunch . We always offer payment plans  Email us or call us at 800-379-8315 to talk about a payment plan No one should ever be discouraged from taking a Jikiden Reiki Shoden class because of the cost. Energy exchanges are always welcome. Be creative! Propose an energy exchange or payment plan. You are welcome to explore o rganizing a Reiki Seminar for  a group in your home or business.  Call or email us to talk about it. The seminar fee For a repeat of the Jikiden Reiki Shouden course which includes reiju is $150 seminar fee $50 deposit. Contact us by phone or email about reviewing Jikiden Reiki Shoden Completion of a Jikiden Reiki Shoden seminar provides 14 hours of WA and OR massage therapist CEU.
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Click on icon to open an original Jikiden Reiki Institute brochure from Japan
(English translation) in .PDF format
Jikiden Reiki Brochure

Upcoming Shoden classes on June 10 and 17, July 1 and 8 2018, July 29 and August 5 2018, August 19 and 26 2018, September 3 and 4 2018 (Labor Day weekend).The cost for Shoden is $350.00 USD.

Upcoming Okuden classes on June 24, July 22, August 12 and September 10 2018. The cost for Okuden is $400.00.  

We also offer an apprenticeship Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastery level on an individual basis. Let's have a real conversation about Reiki. Schedule a Reiki treatment.
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